lundi 19 septembre 2011


H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record n.224
Netrelease and forthcoming cd-r limited edition
Format 13 x 18 cm

HiFi/LoNoise + Benjamin Dousteyssier

Recorded at Emitter19 studio, Berlin, on March 12th, 2011.


HiFi/LoNoise is Pierce Warnecke & Louis Laurain
Free improvised electro-acoustic dialogs...

> Laptop/Objects

Born in California, lived 10 years in France. Studies in Boston (Berklee College of music), lives now in Berlin.
Attracted equally to image and sound

Sound works explore combinations of pure synthetic sounds, electronic interferences, field recordings and performances with found objects. Textural, drone, noise, electronic and improvised music are areas of interest, explored through solo works and collaborations (...)

> Trumpet/Electronic devices

Born in 1984, autoditacte begin the trumpet then study the jazz and the improvisation to the academy of Lyon ( CNR) and Paris ( CNSMDP).
His work articulates around two main axes: on one hand, an acoustic approach of the instrument through the search for sounds and for sound effects always in connection with the space in which they are produced. And on the other hand, a work on the development of the instrument ("close miking") with the aim of creating the illusion of an electric machine-instrument or electronic (...)

> Baritone Saxophone/Objects

In 2005, he joins the department jazz of the upper music academy of Paris where he works regularly with Riccardo Del Fra, François Théberge, Hervé Sellin and Glenn Ferris...
Besides his instrumentalist's activity, he writes for diverse formation, of the trio to symphony orchestra, he develops a writing inspired at once by contemporary musics, by jazz, electric musics (pop, rock, metal) and fed by the other forms of expressions (...)

>>> D O W N L O A D & L I S T E N <<<

Photo by Pierce Warneke
Artwork by Anton Mobin


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