samedi 28 août 2010

JNN_N°097, THANATO TWIST & OLEG’S SOUND SYSTEM – Swing mastication


Recorded live & cut @ la ferme lá 07/05/2010 – Olivet, France
master @ Léon la Beauce 23/6/2010
Thanatomutsi VO2 & Thanatogushi ID play:
PSR48, DSR2000, TR606, Dictaphone, Pedals
artwork: Joe Baire

01 – Desert march
02 – Program change
03 – Glitchy-pitchy
04 – Noxious nuggets
05 – Soul delicatessen
06 – 80′s twisted Oleg’s revenge
07 – Whimsical resurection dub
08 – Nuclear nub
09 – Incantation
10 – Rising at the rill

Runtime: 38.21


If the world of lo-fi IDM could find more oompf, this would be the place. A wealth of toys has been intergrated into these 10 tracks that will make your mind swirl and your body ache for more. Ofcourse it may just as well be possible that you’re not into such degraded toynoises. If that is the case, you certainly got lost and trapped in a world you needn’t be in.
Most likely you will thoroughly enjoy this recording of two giants in the world of experimental improv’ed music: Ayato and Kortane Cortex.

A review of their first album on Treetrunk records reveils this:
“Psychedelic blasts, vast explosions of noises, unbeat in the repetitions, celestial harmony torn. Plasma waves building the spatial scene of Bailarin noche. Slobbery beats and sweating melodies turn around our solar system. There’s no doubt ! The brain of the Thanato’s is lost in a somber meditation. Black hole. White noise. Ready to thrill on the drift ?”
This may as well have been the review of this current release; it is just breathtaking!

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