lundi 19 novembre 2012


CHALUKYA EXPRES #François-Emmanuel Fodéré
H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record n.239
+ cd-r , édition extra limitée, 18x13 rodoïde

Recorded on February, 16th, 2011 by François-Emmanuel Fodéré on board, Mumbai-Dharwar / India, using Edirol R-09HR recorder, microphone preamplifier Serv4U XLR248HD and microphones SP-TFB-2 - binaural microphones.

Thanks to Allamprabhu & his family, Julien, Louise, Shivu. (user : francois-emmanuel.fodere)

Born in mysterious circumstances, his talent was discovered so late that he was not able to attend schools or universities. François-Emmanuel acquired his musical knowledge while travelling to various countries. Some of his musical education was learned from strange situations and experiences. The protection of his benefactor (the french netlabel La p'tite maison) presented  him with the opportunity to get a free position. His distinguished charostics were developed by his curiosity on the contrast between natural and urban sounds. “Go draw something fantastic on the ground, to reveal the power of nature and Spirit. Try to show that madness is nothing other than part of reality.” The mixture of human and natural sounds has always been regarded as a desecration; which has remained discrete during his travels. Some say they have seen him wearing a cape. Equipped with a small bag and leather's shoes as flexible as possible, he wanders and  weaves a web between memory and dream. He recently began to travel the world in search of troglobian...


FEF’s researches and investigations in India are still available on various netlabels :

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